About Skintegrity

TV Featured Skincare Expert in Tempe, Arizona

Kim Dyer

My name is Kim Dyer. 

  • 20+ year experience
  • State licensed
  • Laser specialist

What can I say, changing lives through the humble act of giving facials rocks my world. Ever since I was a kid, I had a passion for all that is beautiful and anything having to do with the luxuries of presentation, whether it be a refined face, or a gourmet meal, the world is a beautiful sketching board.

I have many times had the privilege as an approximate 20-year licensed professional to see the change in a client’s life when helping them improve their complexions and while preventing, even reversing visible signs of aging. It is especially rewarding helping clear one’s acne and preventing as well as refining the appearance of scarring.

In addition to Channel 3 TV and various radio appearances, I had a short stint after obtaining an ASU degree that contributed to pioneering legislation for Arizona cosmetology and laser safety. I eventually evolved to what I love most: making faces their most presentable, for women and for men. I only use those treatments tried and true as I believe in offering the most effective services that have the best return for your investment.

Your face is what you show the world. Let me assist you to your ultimate aesthetic potential and skin health.


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